Cleaning your residence while maximizing comfort

Find superior techniques enabling you to get the most from your beloved home.

Enabling professional and personal lives to thrive

Turn to a cleaning service that hits every nook and cranny of your space.

Meeting the needs of all types of organizations

Start off with a great first impression when dealing with customers and clients.


Why work with Task Force Home Improvement?

Improving your space is easy with a cleaning team trained for any situation. Daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning sessions will allow you to use your home or office to the fullest.

• Assess

Let’s get on the same page. The upkeep of your property is important, we’ll be sure to give it everything it takes to meet your goals.

• Review

Make sure we didn’t miss a beat. A quick walkthrough will help us understand your needs and adjust accordingly.

• Schedule

Create a routine that works. A strict calendar will let you know exactly when we are coming and what we will be doing.

• Repeat

Improve your property for years to come. Advanced skills are ready to enhance the appearance and longevity of any space.

• Clean

Get down to business. Our strong attention to detail provides the high-quality cleaning experience you’ve been seeking.

Learn how we help any home or business reach new heights

The Task Force Home Improvement team knows you take pride in your property. Since XXXX, we’ve been providing Dallas, Texas with superior care. The satisfaction of our clients remains a priority as we continue to offer a top-services to the community we love. Superior skills paired with the latest technology allows us to reach the next level of efficiency and effectiveness. A high degree of professionalism ensures we will:

Give your property the respect it requires

We take the extra steps to provide an exemplary experience.

Meet your personal or professional schedule

Our team always comes on-time and stays until the task is finished.

Provide updates and ask the right questions

Stay in contact via phone, text, or in-person to keep track of things.

Sparkling surfaces

Here to clean so you don’t have to! We improve the community one space at a time with scheduled cleans that work for you. From countertops to floors, your property will be looking great beside a trusted cleaning crew backed by years of experience.
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Tackling the task

There is no better time to begin getting on top of the clutter. Whether digging deep into the fibers of your carpet, clearing a yard, or tidying-up storage, our dynamic services strive to reach any goal! Together, we’ll develop a plan to get your home or business looking its best.
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Comfort and convenience

The cleanliness of our homes and workplaces matters. Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to creating an environment to thrive. Our team dives into every project to bring the best out of each property we serve. Explore cleaning services that deliver a full range of options.
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This is what others are saying

“Task Force Home Improvement is our preferred home cleaning service here. Thanks for the care we continue to enjoy each week.”
“After trying a number of providers, I found a respectful team perfect for my needs. This friendly and energetic team will help your space stay cleaner than you ever thought possible!”
“I maintain a large office building and regularly struggled to find a reliable cleaning service. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else; thank you so much for your continued care.”
“As I get older, it has been increasingly difficult to keep on top of my day-to-day work around the house. Competitive pricing alongside a solid reputation makes these guys the perfect option for anyone”
“Couldn’t be happier with Task Force Home Improvement! They are an ideal solution to your interior cleaning needs in the area. Thank you!”