Join the Team

Entrepreneur Intern & Technician

We are a start up window cleaning company founded by a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur who is pivoting away from tech to blue collar small business.

Do you enjoy hard work, meeting new challenges daily, working outside and interacting with customers?

Not only will you make more than your friends but you will learn how to start, grow and manage your own business from someone with a proven track record in the real world.

Consider these 12 points--What's in It for you:

  1. $15-$18/hour
  2. Up to a maximum of $500 for school books per semester
  3. Two weeks paid time off during the offseason 
  4. Company winter retreat
  5. Incentivised up sell structure
  6. $1000 bonus/year for perfect attendance on scheduled shifts
  7. Profit sharing bonus on top of perfect attendance bonus                             
  8. Learn a trade
  9. Learn how to start up a business
  10. Learn how to grow, scale and manage a business
  11. Put Entrepreneur Intern on your LinkedIn/Resume and list our owner/founder as a reference. This is important and you won't get this bartending or fetching coffee as an "intern" at a big company.
  12. Partnership opportunities within a year for top performers. Imagine owning 10-40% of a million-dollar business right after graduation from college with no money down.

What You Have To Do For Us:

  1. Commit to 5 8-hour shifts per week.
  2. Show up
  3. Show up on time
  4. Clean windows, house siding, gutters.  We'll train you but our customers will hold you accountable.
  5. Ask for reviews from customers. You'll get bonused for each.
  6. You'll lug around ladders. You need to lift 50 pounds and have endurance to stay on your feet 8 hours per day.
  7. Pitch in when a team member has a legitimate (there aren't many) excuse to miss a scheduled shift.
  8. Pitch in two Saturdays per month.
  9. You'll get entrepreneur homework from the owner. You'll also get a weekly quiz. Take this seriously. This will cover marketing, sales, operations, product management, H.R., strategic planning and accounting.
  10. Be an example of our culture and values to our customers, the public and your team members:
    • Initiative: If you see a problem, don't be afraid to ask questions to solve the problem.
    • Pride in a job well done: No one respects, values or pays for shoddy results.
    • Attention to detail: Ideas are great but execution is priceless.
    • Accountability: Learn from your mistakes. Grow from them and work toward not making the same mistake twice.
    • Service: Take care of the customer, your team members, your equipment and yourself.

If any of this sounds like you, you aspire to be an entrepreneur or you just want to make more money, then schedule your interview below. Feel free to send a resume. You are just starting your career and it is more important you pass the "I see a world of potential" test.